Apartment Updates: The New Floor Plan

Pat J. Fraley

Here’s the floor plan that Jennifer made for me! I’m so grateful for this because I’m an absolute disaster with measuring and do not own graph paper. As I talked about in the last update post, the floor plan changed from when I first moved in. I loved the look […]

On My Radar: October-November 2022

Pat J. Fraley

It’s that time of the month – time for my latest ‘On My Radar’ post. Here I’ve rounded up a selection of new furniture launches and simple homeware finds that have caught my eye in the last month or so. There’s everything from solid wood chairs and secondhand furniture to […]

4 Facts About Pergola Canopies You Didn’t Know


Pergola canopies are a great addition to your garden and can be used for various purposes. They are a cost-effective alternative to gazebos and pavilions. You can also use them as walkways between different parts of your garden. Tension Canopies Are Great Additions To Classically Styled Pergolas. When deciding to […]

When to Take a Fat Burner Pill for the Best Effect 2022

Pat J. Fraley

Fat-burning supplements are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day, given their reputation of promoting weight loss as well as helping to get rid of that stubborn fat that doesn’t seem to go away even with a healthy diet, like those that Abouttimemagazine.co.uk has talked about, and exercise.   Nonetheless, those who have […]

Creating a Cozy Feeling in Every Room

Pat J. Fraley

11/22/22 When you combine cooler weather and the holiday season, having cozy rooms to curl up in with friends and family is the perfect way to get through the winter. We love to create these comfortable spaces for our clients and we do have a few tricks of the trade […]

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