8 Simple Tips To Create a Gallery Art Wall — decor8

8 Simple Tips To Create a Gallery Art Wall — decor8

It’s important to measure the wall and then, using the floor in front of the wall you plan to install everything, lay it all out and play with the arrangement until it looks right. You can also create (using brown paper) the arrangement by tacking up pieces that are the same size as your artwork to get the space right. To do this, simply lay the art work on top of brown paper, trace it with a pencil, and cut it out and use the brown paper on the wall with tape (I use MT Tape branded washi tape) that doesn’t remove paint. If you are working with new frames because all of your prints are brand new, use the paper that comes with the frames. All frames have that typically white or gray piece of paper inside of them, use those to tack on the wall. There are even planners on some websites now that help you to plan a gallery wall using their artwork, but that only helps if you are buying all of the work from them.


Another important step is to make sure the center of the art wall arrangement is approximately 57-58” from the floor (145 cm) unless it’s above a sofa, table, or bed – then the bottom of your lowest piece should be at least 6-8 inches above the furniture.


As for the spacing between frames, it’s good to make the spacing the same between pieces, but if you can’t, at least stay within 10 cm, so anything between 3-10 cm is a good rule of thumb.

I tend to count my art too. If I have 8 pieces, I will add a 9th, because I think even numbers don’t work as well as your eye tends to pair everything, so go with a grouping of 3, 5, 7, etc. for a gallery art wall.

See, it’s not that hard – if you create an art gallery wall, comment below with a link so I can see it!

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