Brain Game: If you could have one useful gadget from a fictional world, what would it be? (Round 7) – YP


Go through via the responses to this week’s Brain Recreation prompt, and pick which reply you like most. Based on a mixture of your votes and YP Editors’ picks, we will eliminate a person contestant from the competitiveness.

The Japanese cartoon character Doraemon is a robotic cat from the long term that has lots of amazing gizmos. Among the them, I have usually longed to have the Anywhere Door, which will take you to any spot you want to go. You just need to have to think of the destination just before opening the doorway, and you will be there in a flash.

Getting an Any place Doorway would help save a ton of time and money for the reason that I would not require to consider public transport. It would be pretty practical, way too. I would not have to wake up so early in advance of faculty any far more. Just after I complete breakfast and improve into my uniform, I would be at faculty instantaneously.

I would also share the Any where Doorway with my loved ones and buddies, so they wouldn’t be late for school or function.

In addition, I would use the system to travel about the earth. In the early morning, I could enjoy the sunrise at the leading of Mount Fuji. At noon, I could have French cuisine struggling with the Eiffel Tower. And at evening, I could view the Northern Lights at the North Pole.

However, what I want most suitable now is to travel the environment and check out all my mates who have left Hong Kong. I miss out on them so considerably. I think they pass up Hong Kong, far too.

What is on your summertime bucket record?

Contestant 2

The highly effective ring of Hal Jordan, the Inexperienced Lantern, would certainly be on best of my listing. The ring can do nearly nearly anything, and traveling would no for a longer period be a desire. I could fly from dwelling to university or anyplace else, which signifies I could use the time I save to do anything I get pleasure from, for example, studying or viewing movies.

I could also use the ring to offer with my enemies. When they hit me, I could dodge them by traveling absent. I would be invincible, and nobody would be in a position to damage me.

What’s much more, the ring would allow for me to vacation through wormholes in area, helping to check out places in the universe that we know incredibly tiny about. Possibly I could even gather facts about distinct planets which would enable researchers to make your mind up the perfect put in which people can move to.

I would make fantastic use of the ring to safeguard myself and other folks versus all sorts of problems and enable people make development in all areas of lifestyle.

What would you do if you could stop time for one particular hour?

Contestant 3

According to newspaper experiences, a 10th of the world’s inhabitants is dealing with starvation for the reason that of the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine war. This difficulty can be solved if the food items replicator from the Star Trek Television set collection essentially existed.

The replicator was originally applied to deliver meals and h2o on starships, but it can also supply an unlimited offer of oxygen to the fleet. It can also generate spare pieces for spaceships, which can be very practical due to the fact the crew would no more time will need to return to the starbase to get them.

Even though it can replicate a lot of items, it are unable to generate risky objects like weapons and toxic substances without having suitable authorisation, and it is also not potent sufficient to produce residing factors.

If we could have the replicator, it would support make our environment a superior put. Then we wouldn’t have to get worried about a lack of non-renewable electricity these types of as solar and wind electric power. The replicator can also be applied to recycle factors these types of as garments and other merchandise. This can lower the total of waste ending up in landfills, and enable lower pollution.

Who would you choose to switch bodies with for a working day?

Contestant 4

I would decide on the Indoor Journey Set from the Japanese cartoon Doraemon. To use this machine, you basically have to have to select the surroundings and you can have it.

The equipment can only be used indoors and it allows you to see any location in the environment. For illustration, you can “move” Disneyland Paris from France to your place. This helps make it possible to make your area appear like everywhere on Earth.

Several people today want to go on getaway these times but travelling overseas improves the odds of catching Covid-19. Hence, much more people are choosing staycations, and this equipment would make the experience additional intriguing.

Also, utilizing the Indoor Journey Established is a excellent way to broaden your horizons and have a far better comprehension of overseas cultures when slicing the threat of contracting the coronavirus. It is a best gadget for the pandemic era.


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