Building Muay Thai facility

Pat J. Fraley

Increasing numbers of people such as entrepreneurs and investors from within Thailand and from abroad are becoming interested in the booming Muay Thai industry. Many of them have their own unique ideas as far as design options and construction is concerned but when it comes to spending your own hard-earned money it is important to ensure that you are working according to an intelligent and professionally designed plan. It is important to get the aesthetics of your new Muay Thai training camp in Thailand or elsewhere just right. There must be a certain degree of sophistication to the design and it should be perfectly finished to leave a lasting impression on both users of the gym and on people in the community. An increasingly encountered phenomenon is Muay Thai gyms that are using large panes of glass which is serving a two-fold purpose, it is excellent space to advertise the activities of the training center and it also ensures the maximum amount of natural light to enter the gym.   

A growing industry 

There is an increasing demand for modern and well-equipped Muay Thai training camps not only in Thailand but also across the planet. To honor this ancient martial arts discipline, it is important to have a facility which will always be recognizable as an Muay Thai gym at least on the outside. A well-equipped gym and swimming pool can be used to further hone the bodies of fighters and to increase fitness levels. Your building should be a suitable home to one of the most honored forms of martial arts on the planet. Great care should be taken during the construction or renovation process to ensure that everything is done correctly and that the community will have access to a piece of real estate which will continue to enrich peoples lives for many decades. The old masters concur, every Muay Thai training camp must be constructed in such a way that there is always an outdoors element even while inside the gym. This is to remember that Muay Thai was once practiced outdoors.  

An alluring country 

Thailand is an exceptionally beautiful country and therefore large windows which makes as much of the outdoors visible to fighters is a certain way to ensure that your training camp such as Suwitmuaythaigym will always be popular. Especially on the Island of Phuket where there are already several highly successful training camps. Many of these gyms have been meticulously designed to provide Muay Thai trainees and visitors with the chance to see as much of the surrounding environment as possible. It must also be remembered that a Muay Thai training camp does not necessarily have to be large but there should be sufficient space to ensure that all trainees are able to participate in all of the fast-paced action which is part of Muay Thai training.  Well-equipped gyms have become a necessity because they are useful to perfect fighters and getting them ready for combat in the shortest possible time. Likewise swimming pools have been found to be extremely useful not only for additional fitness exercises but also to cool down after training sessions.  

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