How to maintain Your Side by Side Fridge

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Many households prefer a side-by-side refrigerator because it has lots of storage space and convenient features that make it easy to keep food and drinks both organized and fresh. To ensure that it continues to operate successfully and efficiently, it does, however, need routine maintenance, just like all other appliances. In this blog, we will cover various steps you can take to maintain your side-by-side fridge and make sure it lasts for many years.

Ways to Maintain your Side-by-Side Fridge 

  1. Cleaning: For your side by side fridge to remain functional and work well, regular cleaning is necessary. Regularly use a soft cloth and a light detergent to clean the exterior and interior of your refrigerator. Avoid using harsh chemicals or aggressive cleaners because they can harm your fridge’s surface. Pay extra attention to the door seals since they can become blocked with dirt and debris, which makes the door less efficient at sealing.                               
  2. Defrosting: To avoid ice formation, defrost your side by side fridge freezers. Remove all the food and beverages from the fridge and turn off the power. Put them on the counter or in a cooler. Keep the doors open and allow melting ice to occur naturally. Once the ice has melted, clean the interior with a soft cloth to get rid of any moisture that may still be there.               
  3. Organizing: It’s crucial to arrange your side by side fridge properly to keep freshness and provide effective cooling. In Bosch fridges,  you usually see lot of containers to keep food items, ensure that you clean them well. To avoid cross-contamination, keep raw meats, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables in separate containers. 
  4. Temperature Control: Keep the temperature within the specified range to make sure your side-by-side refrigerator runs effectively. For the refrigerator section, the suggested temperature range is 0°C to 4°C, and for the freezer chamber, -18°C to -20°C. Make sure to modify the controls if you notice that the temperature is excessively warm or cold.   
  5. Regular Maintenance: Your side by side fridge must have regular maintenance to remain functional. To stop any air leaks, be sure to routinely inspect and clean the door seals. Clean the compressor with a soft brush after checking for dirt and debris. Get in touch with an expert for repair if you hear any strange noises or experience performance concerns.                
  6. Energy Efficiency: You can reduce your monthly electricity costs by keeping up with the maintenance of your side by side fridge. As a damaged or dirty seal can make the fridge work harder and use more energy, it’s important to keep the door seals clean and in good condition. Make sure the coils are clear of debris and clean because this can affect energy efficiency.  


In summary, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your side by side fridge freezers and bosch fridges operating effectively and efficiently. You can maintain your refrigerator and increase its lifespan by regularly cleaning, defrosting, organizing, controlling the right temperature, performing routine maintenance, etc. You may benefit from the advantages of your side-by-side refrigerator for many years to come by following these easy suggestions.             

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