Is There a Difference Between Remodeling and Renovation?

Pat J. Fraley

Many people use the terms remodeling and renovation interchangeably. While these two processes may sound the same, remodeling contractors in Massachusetts view them differently. Before embarking on home remodeling or home renovation in Needham, MA, you must know the differences to ensure you can tell your home improvement company precisely what you want. 

Fundamental Differences


Home remodeling in Needham requires changing your house’s design and sometimes the structure. You may expand a room or change the layout of the kitchen. On the other hand, home renovations change the look and feel of the room or entire house without changing the purpose. These tasks often include painting, installing new flooring or features, or repairing damaged elements.


Remodeling Costs More


Because home remodeling in Needham changes the structure or purpose of the home, these tasks are often costlier. You will spend more money changing the design of your house and making significant alterations. If you need to save money on home improvements, renovating is a more cost-effective approach to getting the look you want without the high price tag.


Required Permits


Your remodeling contractors in Massachusetts can get permits to work on your house. Some renovation projects won’t require a permit, while others do. All home remodeling projects will need proper permission to complete the work. For instance, re-roofing your home is a significant undertaking that requires permits. While you aren’t changing your home’s structure, it falls under a special category because of its significance. 


Renovations Can Offer Better Returns


Home remodeling transforms your entire home.

Consider home remodeling to make extensive changes.

Many homeowners decide which changes to make based on the expected returns. Home renovations typically offer better returns on your investment. These jobs take less time and cost less, allowing you to make more changes to increase your home’s value. Even simple changes can offer returns of 75 percent or higher. Ask your contractors about what returns you can expect from various projects.


Remodeling Corrects Poor Home Design


Home remodeling in Needham can be a better solution when you’re struggling with functionality within your house. Your remodeling contractors in Massachusetts can improve a poor design and help you live more comfortably. When it’s time to sell, potential buyers will bid more for a house that meets their needs and won’t require extra work.


Check Local Regulations


Some homes are protected for historical significance. If your house is one of them, you may not have the option to complete home remodeling. These homes only allow home renovations in Needham, MA. Your contractor can check if your house falls under these regulations to ensure you don’t make a costly mistake. In some cases, the government may grant some leeway for necessary projects.


Contact us if you’re considering a home renovation or remodel in Needham. Our team will help you decide which one you need, so you can improve your house and make your environment more comfortable.

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