Superfront to upgrade regular Ikea cabinets

Superfront to upgrade regular Ikea cabinets

Superfront to upgrade regular Ikea cabinets

Since you can find Ikea cabinets in almost every single home, it makes sense to want to make it your own and give it a little update. Superfront makes custom fronts for a wide range of Ikea wardrobes, sideboards, bathroom, and kitchen modules in a variety of colors, materials, and textures. 

Since Superfront offers tops, sides, cabinet fronts, legs and door handles, you can completely revamp your Ikea furniture piece and customize them into your own, similar to what you can do with the custom slip covers Bemz makes* for the Ikea sofas. 

Since the Ikea cabinets lend themselves to creating your own modular storage modules, with the help of Superfont, you can now make it completely your own without the help of a carpenter. Simply said, you can buy the base cabinet at Ikea, or reuse one you already have at home and dress it up with a custom top, side and doors, and then finish it off with the legs and door handles of your choosing.

Images styled by Linnéa Salmén for Superfront.

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