The Great DIY Doctor Amazon Tape Debacle

Pat J. Fraley

Over the past months we have been receiving calls regarding “our DIY Doctor” carpet tape and the fact that many users have found that it has left a sticky residue on carpets once removed that is extremely hard to get off and in some cases cannot be removed ultimately ruining the carpet in question!

DIY Doctor tape
Carpet tape being sold on Amazon by a company using our DIY Doctor name

Carpet tape being sold on Amazon by a company using our DIY Doctor name

We need to confirm that this tape is absolutely nothing to do with us and is in fact a Chinese company trading off of the back of our name and selling through Amazon.

We have, as I’m sure you’d expect, been in touch with both the company in question and also Amazon passing on the feedback that we have received from those of you that have contacted us and also to ask that they stop selling under our name but unfortunately it appears to date no action has happened, hence the reason for this blog so that we can set the record straight.

If you have indeed purchased some of this tape and it has indeed damaged you carpet, rug, floor or similar please contact Amazon and pass on your complaint directly to them using the following details:

We will continue to contact Amazon to try and get something done about the fact they are using our name and to cease this to avoid any further confusion and also to see if they can raise awareness with the company concerned that their product is not up to standard as is in fact causing substantial damage to carpets and similar coverings.

So, just to confirm, none of the “DIY Doctor” branded tape (black, white, blue, red etc.) that is being sold on Amazon is in fact anything to do with us, the rewal DIY Doctor as a company.

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