8 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers of 2023 - Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Music becomes essential when people travel or want to party with friends. It can trigger emotions and also improves creativity. People prefer portable speakers because they are convenient and their sound quality is fantastic. The speakers are also the perfect choice for listening to music and podcasts while working. So, no matter the requirement, choosing an ideal portable speaker is necessary. There are various things to look at in the speaker. In this blog, we review significant features that matter most to you. 

Things to Look for in Portable Speakers

Here are some crucial things to look for while buying portable speakers:

  1. Audio Quality

Like other audio solutions, quality is essential when purchasing speakers. The portable speakers are perfect for listening to music and podcast and also offers good volume settings and bass, which is perfect for all kinds of purpose. 

  1. True Wireless Connectivity

Another significant yet handy feature a portable speaker should have is its connectivity to pair multiple speakers together for good performance. If you are using them at outdoor locations where a single speaker is not enough for playing music, then two similar types of speakers can be used for increased connectivity. 

  1. Water Resistance

If you intend to take speakers into the pool or beach party, you should look for water resistance to protect the speakers. However, the waterproof portable speaker lets you take it away wherever possible. Also, you won’t need to worry about the speaker getting damaged due to water as most of them come with an IP64 rating. 

  1. Sturdy Built with Interactive Design

While purchasing a portable speaker, the consideration should be built quality and portability. The wireless speakers should be easy to carry, and besides that, they should include the latest feature and intuitive design, which should be a perfect fit for an active lifestyle. If you are really a music lover and want great portable speakers, choose one which is lightweight and compact.

  1. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is an important factor when you buy any Portable Speakers as it is the need of the hour when you go out and carry them with you. The portable speakers with smaller batteries will last a few days with average use. More prominent speakers can run for up to 24 hours on a single battery charge. You may not be listening to music the entire day, but these speakers can work for a longer duration of time.

  1. Lag-Free Connectivity

If the portable speaker also offers wired connectivity, it’s a great addition. You can connect using an AUX cord if your device does not support Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection should be stable and without any lags. Look for wireless speakers that have Bluetooth version 4.1.


The best approach to picking portable speakers is to check your requirements for sound quality and other factors, which are all subjective. Sometimes it might be impossible to select the piece by reading the specification only. Thus, consider everything mentioned above and pick the best speaker with the latest features. 

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