3 Quick Tips for Shelf Styling

Pat J. Fraley

Want to take the perfect shelf-ie? 1. Start fresh Lay everything out in front of you. This will be easier to visualize and create a cohesive palette, instead of fighting with a shelf that already has stuff on it. It always helps to begin with a clear mind and a […]

SWPPP to Fight Pollution from Your Next Storm

Pat J. Fraley

The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is a program to help homes and municipalities reduce pollution from storms. SWPPP services help you develop a plan to prevent and clean up stormwater runoff. The program also provides education and guidance for implementing the plan. The Components of an SWPPP Stormwater […]

Advantages Of Insulating Under Your Floorboards

Pat J. Fraley

Where thermal comfort is concerned, cold temperatures seem to take the greatest toll on our feet. Instead of relying on fluffy socks to get you through the winter, try installing floor insulation – a crucial preventative step against heat loss and draughts. According to the Energy Saving Trust, installing floor […]

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